How We Work

Our Approach

Where others see obstacles and pitfalls, we see opportunities. With a team of diverse disciplines, DSG has the ability to drive projects every step of the way to reach success.
We thrive to find the best opportunity for a property, even in the most challenging situations. Our authoritative knowledge, proprietary methods and determination to deliver uncommon results are what differentiate DSG from other commercial real estate developers.

Adaptive Reuse

Our team at DSG seeks to restore the beauty and rich history of forgotten properties. A successful adaptive reuse project is more than a building renovation. Our passion for adaptive reuse projects has earned DSG a national reputation for being a leading expert on these unique, yet challenging endeavors. DSG’s specialized expertise focuses on preserving a landmark piece of American history, enhancing a neighborhood’s connectivity and walkability, and minimizing disruption to natural ecological spaces unlike new developments.

With an extensive portfolio of adaptive reuse projects across the United States, our team is well versed inthe processes for obtaining assisted funding – specifically, state-sponsored historic tax credits. Examples of past projects include transforming a former government courthouse into a luxury boutique hotel, an abandoned hotel into an upscale high-rise apartment, an automobile mechanic shop into a mixed-use commercial facility and a former bread factory into a modern office space. While others see a functionally obsolete building, we see an opportunity to create value!

Our adaptive reuse expertise allows us to thoroughly:
  • Evaluate the most profitable and practical market opportunities
  • Conduct due diligence to mitigate construction risks
  • Incorporate best practices in the design process to balance existing and new construction
  • Determine cost effective construction means and methods that comply with government and historic regulations
  • Explore financing options and processes
  • Drive tax credit processes
  • Coordinate with local, state and national government officials


DSG has completed more than 50 ground-up construction projects across the country, including several franchise hotels. Our team specializes in assessing sites to ensure what is most suitable for a new development opportunity. DSG focuses on finding locations where barriers to entry are high, such as urban areas, sites near corporate or university campuses, or properties in close proximity to tightly controlled planned communities. With creativity and persistence, DSG has developed outstanding projects in multiple markets with high barriers to entry.

major redevelopment

Our passion for development allows us to see opportunities where others likely overlook them. We believe some of the best investment opportunities are created from assets that are undervalued or underperforming. When assessing redevelopment or repositioning opportunities, DSG analyzes the current environment and underlying structure of the relevant industry to craft a strategic business plan for a specific property.
Options range from upgrading, rebranding and repositioning a property in its local market to demolishing and redeveloping it under certain conditions.

DSG is often called on to develop and execute Product Improvement Plans (PIPs) for hospitality properties and, at times, to apply those same skills to multifamily, office and health care facilities.

Risk-Alleviating Turnkey Third-Party Services

DSG provides turnkey development services to institutional investors, such as real estate investment trusts, real estate funds, pension funds and public companies.

In appropriately structured transitions, we use our own capital sources and develop a property with the agreement to deliver at a guaranteed price and completion date.

Our oversight minimizes construction risk and potential delay on earnings, benefiting institutional investors tremendously.

Our work across the country has led DSG to build strong relationships with major real estate players. The opportunities we deliver are based on decades of earned confidence and success.

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